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There is a high incidence of respiratory disease caused by air pollution in Sri Lanka, particularly among our young. Increases in the level of air pollution have contributed to a steady increase in public health deterioration. In addition to the contribution of factories and other industrial activities towards air pollution, studies have also found vehicle emissions to be a major contributing factor. As a result of this increasing risk, the Government of Sri Lanka decided to initiate a Vehicle Emission Testing Programme to monitor and help maintain the air quality at an acceptable level.

The existing total vehicle population and the steady growth in its number, the country’s road conditions, average time of traffic congestion, status of vehicle maintenance, age of vehicles in use and the quality of fuel used in the country all contribute to high emissions. In our experience in Sri Lanka, it is estimated that nearly 25 percent of a vehicle’s energy output is wasted due to inefficient fuel burning.

Vehicle Emissions Test Certificate is mandatory for obtaining your vehicle’s revenue license for all provinces

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Your vehicle can be tested at one of 175 fixed/semi-fixed/mobile testing stations around the country. Follow the simple procedure below to ensure a pleasant and smooth experience:

  1. Run your vehicle to its peak operating temperature. We advise at least 25-minutes of moderate driving to achieve this.
  2. Once you arrive at the DriveGreen testing station, pay your fees and collect receipt that is issued.