Required Documents

Your vehicle can be tested at one of 175 fixed/semi-fixed/mobile testing stations around the country. Follow the simple procedure below to ensure a pleasant and smooth experience:

  1. Run your vehicle to its peak operating temperature. We advise at least 25-minutes of moderate driving to achieve this.
  2. Once you arrive at the DriveGreen testing station, pay your fees and collect receipt that is issued.
  3. Keep your vehicle’s engine running as you proceed through the queue towards testing booth.
  4. Present the receipt to the Vehicle Inspector.
  5. At this stage, you may either move to the Passenger’s Seat or choose to wait in the designated waiting area until your vehicle completes all tests.
  6. You may view the vehicle’s progress through the remote monitor.
  7. At the conclusion of the testing process, you will be advised of the emission compliance status of your vehicle.
  8. If your vehicle passed the test, you will be issued with a Sri Lanka Vehicle Emission Test Certificate, which you must present when renewing your Annual Revenue License.

If you have any questions about the Testing and Certification process, please Contact Us.

Original certificate of registration (CR) or original vehicle identity card (VIC) along with your vehicle.But if your vehicle is leased then you can do it from a CR or VIC copy which is certified by your leasing company


  • Make sure where your engine numbers and chassis numbers are located and legible.
  • Make sure that your silencer does not have holes or beaters connected.
  • Make sure no leakage of oil & water.
  • Make sure no excessive smoke.
  • Make sure gas cap condition is good.
  • Make sure fan belts are in good condition.
  • Make sure no unusual vibration & noises.
  • If newly repaired engine make sure minimum recommended mileage is run.(for diesel vehicle)