Law and Compliance

In October 2003, the Government of Sri Lanka, through the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) called request for proposals for the Sri Lanka Vehicle Emissions Test (SLVET) program. The program identifies vehicles which exceed applicable emission standards and places them through a repair and certification process.

Testing and Certification is mandatory and is tied to the issuance of a vehicle’s Annual Revenue License. Click below to download a PDF copy of the gazette notification outlining emission standards.

Emission Standards

CountryEffectivityVehicle TypeCOHCSmoke Density (K)
India20002- and 4-stroke2.0 g/km
20052- and 4-stroke1.5 g/km
20053-wheel gas2.25 g/km
20053-wheel diesel1.0 g/km
Sri Lanka2016Motor Bikes/ Three wheelers4.0 %v/v6000ppm
Other Petrol Vehicles3.0 %v/v1000ppm
Diesel Vehicles4
China2- and 4-stroke4.00%6,000 ppm
2004, January2- and 4-stroke3.00%2,000 ppm
Thailand20002- and 4-stroke4.5 g/km3.0 g/km
2003, July2- and 4-stroke3.5 g/km
2004, July2- and 4-stroke3.5 g/km
Vietnam20042- and 4-stroke4.5 g/km
20072- and 4-stroke3.5 g/km
20072-wheel Moped1.0 g/km
20073- and 4-wheel3.5 g/km