Why Drive Green?

DriveGreen maintains the highest standards of service delivery in all channels of it’s operation. Through prompt service, reduced waiting time and efficient workforce, we strive to make your certification experience a pleasant one.

Whilst utilizing cutting technology of state of the art, class zero equipments we are able to offer a streamlined solution which ensures accurate testing and a secure certification process.

As part of continuos service improvement, DriveGreen will offer testing center availability and lead-time metrics through this website.

Improve the fuel efficiency:
On average, nearly 25% of the energy output of the vehicular fuel goes unutilized (Fuel Wasted), Drivegreen stations are equipped to measure of individual vehicl’s fuel wastage and to advice their customers.

Wasted fuel discarded in to the atmosphere through vehicle exhausts as unburned and highly noxious hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide vapour contributes to the increasing levels of air pollution.

Health Related:
Motor vehicle emissions are a significant source of pollution, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that may cause dizziness, difficulty in breathing and death. Hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides combine with sunlight to form ground level ozone (smog). Ozone can aggravate health problems for people with heart disease and breathing-related diseases such as asthma and emphysema. It can be especially harmful to children and the elderly.

Vehicles require a green test prior to re-licensing.

Within one month of time for re-licensing.To unavoidable circumstance such as vehicle failures we recommend to have vehicle emission test much as earlier date in that one month.

You need to bring your vehicle’s Certificate of Registration (CR) or Original Vehicle Identity card (VIC), along with your vehicle. But if your vehicle is leased then you can do it from a CR or VIC copy which is certified by your leasing company. tips to pass…

Here are the locations of the Drivegreen test stations. Please refer to your test notice or click on this link (for station locations, maps, and operating hours (Stations Page).

Yes, anyone can bring the vehicle for testing provided with the required document which is mentioned above.

For petrol vehicles: CO and HC. Drivegreen provided not only recommended pollutant (CO, HC) in the exhaust but also CO2, O2 and Lambda ( λ ) for better understanding of the internal combustion of the engine.
For diesel vehicles:opacity (carbon particulate matter)

If your vehicle does not pass the test, the Lane Operator will give you the failing Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR). It will show the areas where your vehicle did not pass. You can ask reasons for the failure from our Station manager. After necessary diagnostics and repairs are made to your vehicle, return to any of our station for your retest. You will be provided two free re-tests within 60 days.

We recommend that these repairs be made by a technician who is trained, experienced, demonstrated success in performing emissions-related repairs and have proper repair facilities such as analyzers.

Keep your vehicle well maintained.

  • Maintain the air filter in good condition
  • Check & maintain the spark plugs well
  • Check the gas cap
  • Check for properly inflated tires
  • Make sure the engine tuned up well
  • Check for exhaust leakages
  • State of the art technology
    Class zero, 4 Gas Analyzer
  • Well educated emission inspectors
  • Friendly
  • Helping out
  • Easy to reach
  • Web information